Effect of Biostimulant Application and Long-term Storage on the Nutritional Value of Carrot

Elzbieta Wszelaczynska, Malgorzata Szczepanek, Jaroslaw Poberezny, Maciej J Kazula


The nutritional value of carrot is determined by the content of total sugars and monosaccharides, carotenoids and vitamins, including vitamin C, in its roots. In 2009-2011, field experiments were carried out concerning the effect of biostimulating preparations applied during the carrot vegetation period on selected nutrients of its roots (total sugars, monosaccharides, carotenoids and vitamin C). Two biostimulants were foliarly applied (Asahi SL and Kelpak SL) in various doses and on various dates. The subject of the research was carrot of the Karotan cultivar. The content of selected components in carrot roots was determined directly after harvest and after six months of storage in the storage chamber with controlled temperature and relative air humidity. Kelpak SL biostimulant increased the nutritional value of all examined components; whereas, Asahi biostimulant increased nutritional value only of sugars and vitamin C. The examined raw material demonstrated the highest nutritional value after harvest under the effect of a one-time application of Kelpak SL biostimulant in the amount of 2 l ha-1. A six-month of storage period resulted in a decrease of carotenoids by 0.5%, total sugars by 5% and ascorbic acid by 17.1% compared to nutritional values measured right after harvest.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/hb.v37i4.1854


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