Allometric models for non-destructive leaf area measurement of Stevia: An in depth and complete analysis

Marcelo Francisco Pompelli, Israel A Hernándes-Fernandez, Alfredo Jarma-Orozco


Leaf area measurement is pivotal for plant physiologists. Hence, accurate measurement of their leaf area is incredibly relevant in agronomic terms. The horticultural plant species Stevia rebaudiana is a sugar-free plant species that is now vital to the global production of sugar-free foods. Here, we estimated S. rebaudiana leaf area using a nondestructive methodology comprising allometric equations. Leaf area was determined through leaf length (L), leaf width (W), and/or their product (LW). One thousand leaves were sampled from four distinct S. rebaudiana genotypes for model construction. Linear or power models were generated, and the best equation was selected using a statistical criterion. The statistical criteria indicated that the linear models best suited all genotypes tested, included a function of LW, exhibited increased stability, and precisely estimated coefficients. ANOVA reveled that both generalized and combined equations were feasible. Nevertheless, grouping all genotypes into a single model was contra indicated as the genotype leaf architectures were very dissimilar.



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