Multiple harvest crops: a differentiated approach for experiment evaluations

Alessandro Dal'Col Lucio, Maria Inês Diel, Bruno Giacomini Sari


Biologically based growth models can be an alternative in identifying the productive response of multiple harvest vegetables. By interpreting the estimates of the parameters of the models, it is possible to estimate the total production, the rate of fruit production, and the moment when the crop reaches its maximum production potential. Besides, by estimating confidence intervals, these responses can be compared between genotypes or between different treatments. Therefore, the purpose of this manuscript is to present an approach to interpreting the evolution of the production cycle of vegetables with multiple harvests crops based on non-linear regression. All the requirements that must be met in this type of analysis were presented in detail based on non-linear regression, providing the necessary steps for this type of analysis in details. Demonstration is given using data from strawberry cultivation along with the associated R scripts and interpretation of analysis output in material supplemental. This approach can allow for more relevant inferences than standard means analyses through better examination and modeling of the underlying biological processes.



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