‘BRS F183’ (Potira): A dual purpose potato cultivar, with high yield potential and excellent French fry quality

Arione Pereira, Giovani da Silva, Caroline Castro, Agnaldo Carvalho, Fernanda Azevedo, Elcio Hirano, Giovani Brito, Antonio Bortoletto, Beatriz Emygdio, Carlos Reisser Junior, Carlos Lopes, Carlos Ragassi, Leonardo Dutra, Juliana Coradin, Natércia Lima, Cesar Gomes, Jadir Pinheiro, Valdir Lourenço Jr., Mirtes Lima, Iriani Maldonade, Rogerio Jorge, Janni Haerter, Ana Krolow, Marcia Vizzotto


‘BRS F183’ (Potira) is a red skinned potato cultivar with high yield potential and suitable for frozen French fry processing and fresh market. The high dry mass content combined with relatively low glucose level gives quality for processing, with high yield and high quality of the final product, and versatility for culinary use. The tuber has a long oval shape, shallow eyes and smooth skin, giving it attractive appearance. The flesh is light yellow. The maturity is late and the dormancy is medium. ‘BRS F183’ (Potira) shows a low incidence of physiological disorders in the tubers. It is moderately resistant to early blight, moderately susceptible to late blight and is susceptible to common scab. Basic cultural recommendations for common scab management on 'BRS F183' (Potira) are provided. 'BRS F183' (Potira) was launched in 2020 by Embrapa, and is a product of its genetic improvement program, developed by Embrapa Clima Temperado, in Pelotas-RS and Canoinhas-SC, and Embrapa Hortaliças, in Brasília-DF, Brazil.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/hb.v40i1.2349


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